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All-In-One Chinese Fun Teacher Book

By emilyxz - Posted on 18 June 2012 - Update on 19 June 2012

Image of All-in-One Chinese Fun Teacher Book (Chinese Edition)
Author: Hazel Young Hasegawa
Publisher: Cheng & Tsui (2012)
Binding: Spiral-bound, 144 pages
All-In-One Chinese Fun books provide teachers in pre-K 3 classes with an interactive, multi-modal curriculum guide that shows them how to structure the course to fit their own individual classrooms. All-in-One Chinese Fun can also be used as a supplementary song and activity kit for immersion classes. In simplified characters, pinyin, and English. Flexible Planning The program overview explains the pedagogy and guides you in structuring your own course. This approach allows you to tailor the program to suit your students progress. Point-of-Use Support The Student Book content is reproduced in the Teacher Book with helpful notes and tips on repeating and extending the songs, activities, and games. Additional Resources The Teacher Book contains instructions for classroom games, a glossary, and more. Complete with a bound-in Audio CD, it provides a solid foundation for a dynamic and fun-filled curriculum.