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GANADA KOREAN For Foreigners (Advanced 1)

By emilyxz - Posted on 26 June 2012 - Update on 26 June 2012

Author: Lee Kee-dong
Publisher: SISA Education (2009)
Binding: Paperback, 224pages
You can learn Korean in a very easy way through step by step linguistic method ! # You can experience Korean language as well as Korean culture through interaction of texts compiled from active daily conversations. # You can learn by yourself Korean language through this textbook for its detailed and kind teaching method, especially illustrated in commentary. # From the elementary step to an advanced step, there are all 6 volumes. You can start learning Korean by properly selecting your own level. (Elementary course-1,2/Intermediate course-1,2/Advanced course-1,2) # In every 5 lessons there are selections of reading, listening, and writing exercise. They will promote and elevate your adaptability of language skills by reviewing a variety of examples. # You can increase your ability of language skills by listening to tapes of accurate pronunciations recorded by the Korean language expertise.