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Korean Through English 1 (New Edition)

By emilyxz - Posted on 28 June 2012 - Update on 28 June 2012

Image of Korean through English Book 1 w/ CD New Edition (National Institute of the Korean Language)
Author: Sanng-Oak Lee et al.
Publisher: Hollym International Corporation (2012)
Binding: Perfect Paperback, 184 pages
This is a revised edition of this series by the same name. Revisions were made by Sang-Oak Lee, Seungmie Lee and Youngmee Chung at the Language Education Institute of Seoul National University. It was created under the following general guidelines: a) The content must be easy. b) It must reflect the phonological and grammatical characteristics of Korean. c) It must introduce aspects of Korean culture in a natural and unaffected fashion. d) It must be accessible for self-study for students who may not have access to the aid of teachers and classroom environment.