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Integrated Chinese Level 1 Part 1, Character Workbook, Trad. and Simp., 2nd Edition

By lee.2951 - Posted on 06 April 2009 - Update on 11 March 2010

Image of Integrated Chinese: Level 1, Part 1 (Traditional & Simplified Character) Character Workbook
Author: Xiaojun Wang, Jeffrey J. Hayden, Yaohua Shi, Liangyan Ge, Yea-fen Chen, Nyan-ping Bi, Yuehua Liu, Tao-chung Yao
Publisher: Cheng & Tsui (2004)
Binding: Paperback, 176 pages
The layout shows stroke order for each character, as well as radicals, pinyin and English equivalents, and pen versions of the character. Students practice writing characters in the grid layout provided. Each lesson also includes games and exercises to support character recognition and retention.