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Open for Business Vol. 2

By lee.2951 - Posted on 09 April 2009 - Update on 03 November 2010

Image of Open for Business-Vol. 2: Lessons in Chinese Commerce for the New Millennium
Author: Jane Kuo
Publisher: Cheng & Tsui (2003)
Binding: Paperback, 480 pages
"The Open for Business, Volume 2 textbook/exercise book builds upon Volume 1 and is structured in the same general format, but switches focus to China’s micro-economic issues. The thirteen lessons in Volume 2 cover topics such as Chinese management practices, foreign trade initiatives, pillar industries attracting foreign capital investment, environmental protection, the Internet’s role in the Chinese economy, intellectual property rights, and technology transfer. Each lesson contains a text reading and brief background on a specific topic, followed by a vocabulary list and explanation of important terms along with a section relating to the usage of synonyms. The textbook also includes a comprehensive index of vocabulary, grammar terms, and synonyms for easy cross-referencing with the lessons. Exercises for each lesson are found in the back of the book, and offer students a chance to improve their business lexicon correctly with particular emphasis on sentence structure and reading comprehension. A “Questions and Exploration” section encourages students to perform research online and present relevant topics either orally or in writing for further discussion. "