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How Far Away Is the Sun? and Other Essays

By lee.2951 - Posted on 21 April 2009 - Update on 03 November 2010

Publisher: Cheng & Tsui
Binding: Paperback, 234pages
"First semester of second-year Chinese, or ACTFL ""Intermediate Mid"" level. College, high school, and adult learners. ""How far away is the sun?"" is a philosophical conundrum most Chinese children can readily explain. With this reader, non-native learners of Chinese will understand this Confucian query as well as other challenging cultural questions, while solidifying their Chinese language skills. How Far Away Is the Sun? satisfies the need for fun and interesting supplementary reading material for Chinese language learners. The second in a five-volume Cheng & Tsui Readings in Chinese Culture Series, this collection of ten original essays is ideal for intermediate students in their first semester of second-year Chinese, or at the ""Intermediate Mid"" level, as designated by ACTFL proficiency guidelines. "