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500 Basic Korean Verbs

By lee.2951 - Posted on 20 May 2009 - Update on 19 November 2010

Image of 500 Basic Korean Verbs (Korean Edition)
Author: Bryan Park
Publisher: Hollym International Corporation (2009)
Binding: Perfect Paperback, 508 pages
Verbs are an essential part of being able to master any foreign language. This book provides a practical approach to learning the 500 most important verbs in the Korean language. The verbs are presented in alphabetical order where you can see its pronunciation, Romanization, meaning, and the model verb for which it follows the same conjugation rules. There is also the verb s table of conjugation, some familiar related words, common sentence patterns and some sample sentences. This book is a helpful guide to learning Korean verbs as well as a handy reference tool. You will also find the book 500 Basic Korean Adjectives helpful as well.