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Chinese with Lulu and Maomao

By lee.2951 - Posted on 22 May 2009 - Update on 04 January 2011

Author: Licheng Gu
Publisher: Milet Publishing
Binding: Paperback, 48pages
Chinese with Lulu and Maomao is a fresh and fun approach to language learning. It is designed like a storybook rather than a textbook to give children a bright and stimulating introduction to Chinese and covers topics that will appeal to young learners, such as family and friends, school, toys and games, numbers and colors. There's also a CD with the book to give children a lively context in which to practice speaking Chinese. * Ideal for use at home or in the classroom * Features Simplified Characters and Pinyin, and includes Pinyin chart * Look at this! feature to highlight language structures, pronunciation and tones * Quizzes to test progress * Wordlist for reference * Support for parents and teachers on effective language learning Note: The Chinese text in most Milet books is in Complex characters. It should be understood by speakers of all dialects, including Mandarin and Cantonese. This book, as specified, features Simplified Chinese characters, which is now the form most commonly taught in schools in China and Singapore and should also be understood by speakers of all dialects.