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Multimedia Learning Suite - Chinese Characters

By lee.2951 - Posted on 22 May 2009 - Update on 05 November 2010

Image of Multimedia Learning Suite Chinese Characters Memory Lifter
Publisher: LearnLift (2008)
Binding: CD-ROM, 46 pages
This multimedia learning suite allows you to memorize and understand more than 3,000 Chinese words. It combines the proven MemoryLifter learning technology with the advantages of the new portable MemoryLifter Stick. The learning suite is a complete learning system designed to target long-term retention. It is a fully portable solution. No installation is required, just plug and go, at home, at the library... Wherever you are, your learning progress is saved. The suite includes the MemoryLifter Stick with the scientifically based MemoryLifter learning software and more than 3,000 multimedia flashcards. Furthermore the suite contains a complementary study guide, introductory videos, MP3 audiobooks for playback on portable listening devices, and a "Learn to Learn" booklet. The flashcards are arranged in 3 Learning Modules: 1. Chinese Numbers, Dates and Time will help you to get familiar with the symbols for the Chinese numbers, and will teach you how to form dates and tell the time. 2. Chinese Radicals teaches you to recognize radicals in composite characters, which will allow you to deduce the meaning of the composites more easily. 3. Chinese Thematic Vocabulary contains 2,500 flashcards organized by subjects: food and drinks, business, family, human body, shopping etc.