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Japanese Stage-Step Course: Grammar Textbook

By li.28 - Posted on 04 November 2009 - Update on 08 November 2010

Image of Japanese Stage-Step Course: Grammar Textbook: Grammar-Reference (Volume 1)
Author: Wako Tawa
Publisher: Routledge (2009)
Binding: Paperback, 536 pages
The Japanese Stage-Step Course is a fully integrated language course from beginner through to intermediate level combining cohesive grammar instruction with functional examples and practices to build a solid foundation in the four key skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. The course includes the core text, The Grammar Textbook, Workbooks 1 and 2, Writing Practice Book, audio material on CDs or in MP3 format, and a companion website. An understanding of grammar is essential for students aiming to achieve a high level of proficiency in Japanese. Written by an experienced teacher, The Stage-Step Course: Grammar Textbook provides a step-by-step guide to Japanese grammar. With clear, accessible explanations and relevant examples to put each grammatical point into context, the Grammar provides a meaningful framework to develop the key skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. The book is divided into the following four stages: * Stage One: Building a foundation * Stage Two: Towards more complex structures * Stage Three: Adding sophistication * Stage Four: Referencing. Each lesson is accompanied by detailed vocabulary, conversation practice and reading exercises in the separate two workbooks to enable students to put into practice what they have learnt and consolidate their knowledge. The course also includes the Writing Practice Book, available as an eBook, audio material on CDs or in MP3 format and a companion website.