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The Kanji Handbook (Tuttle Language Library)

By bookshelf-sen - Posted on 10 November 2010 - Update on 10 November 2010

Image of The Kanji Handbook: (JLPT All Levels) (Tuttle Language Library)
Author: Vee David
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing (2006)
Binding: Hardcover, 1185 pages
The Kanji Handbook is a revolutionary new learning technique for students of the Japanese language. This innovative book presents the concept and application of "KanjiHybrids," a teaching tool created by the author to help non-Japanese speakers learn Kanji. Simply put, Vee David has linked the 1,945 most commonly used Kanji characters with English words to form one integral unit, a "Kanji Hybrid". Using mnemonics as a learning tool, the author has replaced the first letter of an English word with the Kanji for that word in an effort to help students memorize difficult Kanji characters. Employing learning strategies that will aid students from beginning to advanced levels, The Kanji Handbook is an exciting new entry into the difficult world of Japanese language learning.