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The Heinle Picture Dictionary: Korean

By bookshelf-xy - Posted on 10 November 2010 - Update on 28 March 2011

Image of The Heinle Picture Dictionary: Korean Edition (English and Korean Edition)
Author: Heinle, National Geographic Learning
Publisher: Heinle ELT (2005)
Binding: Paperback, 256 pages
Unlike other dictionaries, The Heinle Picture Dictionary presents new vocabulary in contextualized, thematic readings and high-frequency collocations. It also offers immediate practice and reinforcement through "Words in Action." Whether used as a classroom text or a self-study tool, The Heinle Picture Dictionary will rapidly move students toward fluency. * 16 thematic units focus on everyday themes such as people, food, housing, work, clothes, school, and recreation. * 4,000 words are taught in context through color photographs and illustrations, readings, and activities. * "Words in Context" shows how the language is actually used through accessible, contextualized readings at a high beginning level. * "Words Partnerships" expand students' use and understanding of high-frequency word patterns and collocations. * "Words in Action" gives students opportunities to learn new vocabulary through critical thinking and active learning. * The audio program allows students to hear each word pronounced and to hear the "Word in Context" read. * A comprehensive Lesson Planner with 114 fully developed lesson plans provides extensive support for the busy teacher. * Activity Bank CD-ROM, included in the Lesson Planner, contains reproducible activity masters that can be customized for individual and classroom use. * Interactive CD-ROM offers students additional vocabulary practice through activities, games and word webs. * Beginning and Intermediate Workbooks feature their own complete listening programs as well as constructive, entertaining activities for solidifying new vocabulary.