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Step By Step Korean 1 Through 15 Action Verbs

By marshali - Posted on 16 November 2010 - Update on 28 March 2011

Image of Step by Step Korean Bk 1 (Step By Step Korean) (Korean Edition)
Author: In Ku Kim-Marshall
Publisher: Hollym International Corporation (2008)
Binding: Paperback, 144 pages
Starting to learn a new language can be an intimidating experience for students, especially if they are using a self-study method. This book is a fun and easy way to help students learn to read and speak simple Korean. Sample sentences built with 15 commonly used verbs will introduce simple vocabulary and basic points of Korean grammar. This way, students can make progress right from the start. They can then build on the knowledge gained here by continuing with the rest of this three-book series. The characteristic elements of this textbook are: * Beginning level study with the most common verbs and nouns. * Introduction of basic Korean grammar rules for verb usage. * Repetition of sentences on each page, allowing the student to learn vocabulary and grammar at the same time. * Introduction of the basic sentence structure in the present tense. * Grammar notes on each page. * Vocabulary lists at the end of each page making it easy for the student to learn important words. * Verbs followed by exercises to reinforce knowledge of the verb’ s use. * Pictures that enable the student to relate what they’ re learning to a visual image. * Conversational sentences which help the student learn simple conversational language. * Discussion of Korean culture and customs.