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Step By Step Korean 2 Through 15 Action Verbs

By marshali - Posted on 16 November 2010 - Update on 28 March 2011

Image of Step by Step Korean Bk 2 (Korean Edition)
Author: Kim-Marshall, In Ku
Publisher: Hollym International Corporation (2008)
Binding: Perfect Paperback, 192 pages
This book is for anyone who has begun learning Korean with “Step by Step Korean 1 through 15 Action Verbs” and wishes to continue on to the next stage of learning. I have written this second book using the same principle of instruction as the first with the following points added to facilitate learning: * The past and future tenses, and propositive form “ let’s ...” are introduced. * Irregular verbs and their usages with a few phrases are presented. * “ Descriptive verbs” are introduced. Descriptive verbs in Korean are like adjectives in English, but they follow the same conjugation rules as action verbs. * The honorific form of speech is reintroduced and expanded upon. * The sentences are conversational, but with extended dialogue so that students can further develop their conversational ability. * The structure of the typical Korean sentence is shown with diagrams, which can be made into flash cards for learning and teaching purposes. This is especially useful for young learners. * This book includes six more supplemental cultural notes on Korean culture.