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Introduction to Written Japanese Katakana (Tuttle Language Library)

By bkshelfjj - Posted on 30 November 2010 - Update on 30 November 2010

Image of Introduction to Written Japanese Katakana (Tuttle Language Library)
Author: Jim Gleeson
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing (1997)
Binding: Paperback, 48 pages
The large, open format of Writing Katakana: An Introductory Workbook invites the student to start writing immediately. Written Japanese comprises two phonetic syllabaries, hiragana and katakana. This workbook has been carefully designed to facilitate easy mastery of the forty-six character katakana syllabary which is used to write words of foreign origin. Each character is introduced with brushed, handwritten, and typed samples. Entertaining illustrations and amusing examples of onomatopoeic usage of katakana in Japanese writings further reinforce memorization in a fun way.