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Japanese Language in Use: An Introduction

By lee.2951 - Posted on 17 March 2009 - Update on 07 November 2010

Image of Japanese Language in Use: An Introduction
Author: Toshiko Yamaguchi
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic (2007)
Binding: Paperback, 240 pages
Japanese Language in Use is the companion volume to Japanese Linguistics: An Introduction. Using a wide range of examples drawn from everyday life and literary texts, Japanese Language in Use introduces pragmatics, discourse, and language and culture in the Japanese context. The book covers: * Language in context * Japanese in conversation * Honorifics and politeness * Language and gender * Young people's language Key concepts of Japanese language in use are introduced in a succinct and accessible way, with texts and exercises to aid student understanding. This is the ideal first introduction to Japanese language in context for undergraduate or postgraduate students. Table Of Contents Preface Acknowledgements How to Use This Book 1. Pragmatics: Explictness 1.1 Explanation 1.2 Judgement 1.3 Order and Request 2. Pragmatics: Implicitness 2.1 Reference 2.2 Co-Text 2.3 Context 2.4 Implicatures 2.5 Figure of Speech 3. Discourse 3.1 Coherence 3.2 Cohesion 3.3 Conjunctions 3.4 Clausal Linkage 3.5 ? 3.6 Sentence-Final Forms 3.7 Ellipsis 3.8 What is Ellipsis? 3.9 When ? Becomes Overt? 4. Language and Culture 4.1 Gender 4.2 In-Groups and Out-Groups 4.3 Honorifics 4.4 Young People 5. Radio Talk 5.1 Opening a Talk 5.2 Closing a Talk 5.3 Maintaining a Talk 5.4 Conversational Strategies 5.5 Talk II 5.6 Transcribed Talk 1 References English Index Japanese Index