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Higher Education Press

Experiencing Chinese - High School Textbook 1

Image of Experiencing Chinese - High School Textbook 1 (English and Chinese Edition)
Author: n/a
Publisher: Higher Education Press (2008)
Binding: Paperback, 108 pages
This series is complied for senior high school students who are beginning to learn Chinese, including senior students in public and private high schools, or independent Chinese learners aged between 16 and 18. They could also be used for Chinese teaching at the relevant levels. The textbooks are divided into six volumes, each of which includes a student's book, an activity manual, a teacher's book, and word cards. With the purpose of training students in basic skills of Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as equipping them with basic communication skills, these textbooks are mainly based on real life experiences that emphasize building the students' interests in learning Chinese. The books' design is vivid and lively, featuring both pictures and texts.