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Cultural Readings from Folk Tales, Legends, and History An Intermediate Korean Reader

Author: Dr. In Ku Kim-Marshall
Publisher: Hankookmunhwasa Publishing Co.
Binding: Paperback, 235pages
"Cultural Readings from Folk Tales, Legends, and History" is an intermediate-level cultural reader for students learning Korean as a foreign language. Students will broaden their linguistic skills beyond everyday language and immerse themselves in the world of Korean culture. This book's features include: * Well-known folk tales, legends, and history with vocabulary suited for students learning intermediate Korean language and culture. * Vocabulary definitions and grammar explanations that follow each story. * A "People" section that provides students with the historical context for understanding important figures in Korean history. * An appendix that contains further explanations about Korean phrases and grammar, making it an ideal study aid. * Vivid illustrations throughout the stories to engage the student's imagination. Students will enthusiastically and easily learn about Korean culture and history, and develop their appreciation of it throughout this book.